Effective New Product Merchandising

Recreational boating and fishing continue to contribute significantly to the US economy and Minn Kota is entering the market of shallow water anchors with a splash. Minn Kota created a bolder, smarter, and more colorful shallow water anchor but faces the challenge of engaging consumers in-store. So, here’s where effective merchandising comes in:
  1. 8289_WP_2To attract attention, our “touch and feel” aspect of the point of purchase display make sure consumers are getting the best product in the market. The display uses bright, contrasting colors to make sure it stands out in the retail environment.
  2. Large Minn Kota branding on the side panels associate with consumer’s brand loyalty and differentiation of products.
  3. Product features and benefits are prominently displayed on large graphic panels, front and back, to communicate in small, visual doses.  Consumers can interact with the fully functioning Talon to see features and benefits in action.
  4. Lastly, the display closes the sale by appealing to enhancing the quality of the consumer’s life. After pressing a button and seeing the spike deploy you’ll see how this product impacts your sport and plays on emotions- consumers will need and want this product to spend more time fishing!
The Minn Kota Talon display went from production to store floor in less than 4 weeks. We are able to increase brand recognition and overshadow the competition in stores making for a successful new product introduction.
“Thank you for all your help and making this happen. Also, please let your team know, as well, how much we appreciate working with a great company like WM Display. This was a tight deadline and you really pulled it off for us.”