Q+ Front End Fixtures

Q+_logoTM_web Smartly designed queue line fixtures lower wait times, reduce walkaways, and increase sales on impulse buys. Q+ Front End Fixtures offer custom queueing systems that make powerful brand statements, attract customers, and drive sales.

Retailer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Boost profits from unused checkout space
  • Fit unique environments with total customization
  • A wide range of merchandising accessories from baskets, bowls, shelves, hooks and signage
  • Improve checkout efficiencies
  • Increase visual sight lines
  • Add signage to advertise promotions and gain additional revenue

Learn how to configure Q+ to increase your sales.

Q+ Front End Fixtures are a completely customizable queuing system that consists of slotted posts, panels, accessories and signage that transform your environment into a pleasant and profitable one. Start by viewing the Q+ brochure or requesting more information at 800.443.2000.