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P.O.P. Magnifier

Increase sales to the 40+ demographic.

Effective New Product Merchandising

Recreational boating and fishing continue to contribute significantly to the US economy and Minn Kota is entering the market of shallow water anchors with a splash. Minn Kota created a bolder, smarter, and more colorful shallow water anchor but faces the challenge of engaging consumers in-store. So, here’s where effective merchandising comes in:
  1. To attract attention, our “touch and feel” aspect of the point of purchase display make sure consumers are getting the best product in the market. The display uses bright, contrasting colors to make sure it stands out in the retail environment.
  2. Large Minn Kota branding on the side panels associate with consumer’s brand loyalty and differentiation of products.
  3. Product features and benefits are prominently displayed on large graphic panels, front and back, to communicate in small, visual doses.  Consumers can interact with the fully functioning Talon to see features and benefits in action.
  4. Lastly, the display closes the sale by appealing to enhancing the quality of the consumer’s life. After pressing a button and seeing the spike deploy you’ll see how this product impacts your sport and plays on emotions- consumers will need and want this product to spend more time fishing!
The Minn Kota Talon display went from production to store floor in less than 4 weeks. We are able to increase brand recognition and overshadow the competition in stores making for a successful new product introduction.
“Thank you for all your help and making this happen. Also, please let your team know, as well, how much we appreciate working with a great company like WM Display. This was a tight deadline and you really pulled it off for us.”

Q+ Front End Fixtures

How often are you ready to check out and find yourself in the slowest line at the register? After 10 seconds of no advancement, you contemplate jumping to another line, you see your opportunity and nonchalantly make your move in hopes of getting out of the store quicker. Without fail, every time, the line you left picks up speed and leaves you behind with checkout remorse. Don’t let your customers ever feel like this. Instead, implement the easiest solution at retail- a queuing system.

Foundations To Shaping A Unique Queuing System

OCCUPY THE SHOPPER When we have something else to do the wait always seems shorter. A wide assortment of impulse purchases on the way to the checkout will not only increase your sales but increase customer satisfaction with a perceived shorter wait time and a friendly last-minute reminder to pick up a birthday card for Mom.

FIRST IN, FIRST OUT  Believe it or not, feeding all registers from a single line that is constantly moving forward is perceived to be moving faster. Nothing is more aggravating than when a register opens up, you hear “next in line”, and the last person in line takes the opportunity to now be first. First come, first serve is perceived to be the fairest and quickest when dealing with lines- it’s all about queuing theory. 

CUSTOMIZE The checkout is a retailer’s most unique area of a retail environment. No other part of the store has a higher concentration of customers or a bigger impact on their satisfaction. Bring attention to your merchandise with our store fixtures, a queuing system customized to the customer and store needs. 

It’s easy to increase your sales through the checkout with Q+ Front End Fixtures. Click here to learn more or call your Retail Sales Representative at (800) 443-2000 to mock up the perfect solution for your environment.

Crafting the Perfect Display For the Perfect Margarita

Tres Agaves’ commitment to quality exudes through every product they produce. To bring the product to market they needed a floor stand that communicates brand quality while giving retailers a functional piece — and we did just that with a simple execution. 
Rift-Cut Red Oak wood was handpicked to ensure it matches the natural and organic feel of the brand. Wood attracts attention and allows consumers to associate all-natural with the product increasing brand recognition.  Three sheet metal shelves hold various products to allow for flexibility in plan-o-grams making the display ideal for retail. Our display closes the sale through eye-catching graphics that let you know the Tres Agaves display is your one stop shop to a perfect margarita. Uno + Dos + Tres= Perfecto! “We love the look of the wood and how it distinguishes the brand. A job well done!”   Click here to see more custom displays that build brands and increase sales.

Combating Food Deserts in Chicago

No more food deserts. The drought is over! 

In the city of Chicago, food deserts are a major problem. Entire communities have limited access to fresh fruits and veggies, and therefore suffer from health issues related to diets. This is not an easy problem to solve, but the Food Desert Action team came up with the radical idea- put the whole thing on wheels! WM Display Group was honored to volunteer to design, engineer, and retrofit a donated CTA  bus with metal shelving and baskets to transform a bus into a mobile produce market. “The shelves are our number one talked about item” says founder Steve Casey. 

Revolutionary Blade System

How do you get customers to believe you can change a blade in less than 30 seconds? You show them. We helped Husqvarna create an innovative approach to introduce the revolutionary Rapid Replace blade system. Read more.

Creating Customer Evangelists

The authors of this popular 2002 book explains how organizations as diverse as Southwest Airlines, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, The Dallas Mavericks, IB, the W/M Display Group and others successfully built a customer base willing to spread the word. Read more.