Health & Safety Equipment

Hand Sanitizer Stands

Take preventative action into your own hands to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

Dispenser Stand

Pop-up Hand Wipe Station

Dispenser Stand with Sign Holder and Drip Tray

1 Gallon and 1/2 Gallon Pump Stand

Hand Sanitizer Floor Stands provide a centralized place to frequently disinfect and sanitize. Ideal for retail stores, schools, restaurants, and municipal buildings.

Position floor stands at entrances, or high traffic areas to ensure customers and employees have access to reduce the spread of germs.


Dispenser Stand: All metal construction. Custom hole pattern to hold most touchless dispensers.

Dimensions: 52”H   13 ¾” square base

Pop-up Hand Wipe Station: All metal construction. Holds and secures various sized hand wipe containers.

Dimensions: 46” H (not including container) 13 ¾” square base

Dispenser Stand with Sign Holder and Drip Tray: All metal construction. Removeable clear acrylic sign holder. Custom hole pattern to hold most touchless dispensers.

Dimensions: 52” H  62” H with sign holder. 13 ¾” square base.

Gallon Pump Stand: All metal construction. Adjustable height “collar” secures various sized pump bottles.
Dimensions: 48” H (not including bottle) 13 ¾” square base.
*Contact us for contract pricing. Prices subject to change without notice. Minimum order quantity 100 units.

Stands hold a variety of hand sanitizer products not included. – Stands available in any standard powder coat color. – Intended for indoor use.

Health Shields

Health Shield at Checkout

Freestanding Health Shield with or without a pass-through

Keep personal interaction safe with an acrylic Health Shield to minimize the transmission of germs. Ideal for Retail Checkout, Pharmacy, Customer Service Desk, Deli/Bakery, Nail Salons, Restaurants, Dining Halls, and Reception Desks.

Custom sizes available.