Creating Customer Evangelists

custevanThe authors of this popular 2002 book explains how organizations as diverse as Southwest Airlines, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, The Dallas Mavericks, IB, the W/M Display Group and others successfully built a customer base willing to spread the word.

In the section called, “How Customer Feedback Repositioned an Entire Company,” the authors tell how the president of the company, Paul Scriba, wanted to understand how his customers perceive his products. Rather than fall back on the standard paper survey approach, Paul engaged a researcher to conduct journalistic-style interviews.

What Paul learned was revealing. He confirmed his customers thought the displays were high quality and they were happy with the results, but that W/M Display Group’s customers also leaned on the company for much more: creative ideas, the company’s thorough process, and its retail expertise.

As a result of the research, W/M Display Group ensures that all customers know the full scope of how the company can build brands and increase sales.