Revolutionary Blade System

How do you get customers to believe you can change a blade in less than 30 seconds? You show them. We helped Husqvarna create an innovative approach to introduce the revolutionary Rapid Replace blade system. We took a dual blade mower deck and cut it in half. One half is mounted up to show and demonstrate the Rapid Replace system on the first blade. The second deck is mounted deck down. The blades are protective coated for safety making it possible for you to touch, try, and be entertained. Once you understand how easy it is to change the blade, you can change it without even looking. The display attracts attention from a distance and conveys the heavy duty brand message with shimmer diamond plate  and large graphic areas. A 54” x 48” product billboard on the back of display communicates product information. The display has large brand and product logos to attract attention of loyal customers and introduce the new product. “The Rapid Replace display was the hit of the GIE show. Many times throughout the day we watched people interact with the display- nothing but great comments about it. I cannot express enough how well the display functioned and how great it was accepted. Better than a great  job by you guys.“